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Get ready for a redesigned Instagram journey with Honista APK. Enjoy social freedom with privacy features, offline viewing, reel saving, and much more. Instagram is a famous social media app with captivating images, stories, and videos. However, the regular version has limitations like reel saving, downloading, viewing content offline, and accessing other’s profiles secretly.

The developers of Honista have created this application to address all Instagram limitations and users can use their Instagram account without barriers. With a download manager, users can save favorite videos and images, and conveniently view friends’ stories.

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Comparison Between Instagram And Honista APK

Instagram and Honista are both applications used for social interactions, but below are some distinctive features of both. Let’s discuss them.

Honista Locking Mechanism

With this feature, users can lock their chats by pressing the lock icon, followed by an additional authentication step such as a fingerprint scan or PIN code. For users who share the same device, this advanced feature hides the complete application. Moreover, it offers customization. For example, users can select the duration for which they want to unlock their chat or application.

Customizing The Profile

High-level customization is a key feature of the Honista app. We can personalize our profiles with unique avatars and favorite themes and express our social media presence significantly.

Honista Store

Honista store has various stickers, emojis and chat themes to customize your chats and express emotions. Additionally, it has story templates, with which you can create your story and transform it into a captivating narrative. You can also create playful posts with interactive stickers.

No Ads

Another distinctive feature of the Honista App is its ad-free platform. In the regular Instagram app, users often have to watch ads in posts, stories, and videos that interrupt their enjoyment. With Honista’s ad-free platform, we can fully focus on enjoying the interesting content.

Features Of Honista APK

Advanced Privacy

The official Instagram version has limited security features. Download Honista for advanced privacy options like locking mechanisms to keep your conversations private. Also, You can choose ghost mode for total anonymity. It keeps you completely hidden from start to finish.

Variety Of Fonts

On Instagram, you only have a professional text style. However, in Honista, you can get a variety of font designs and text styles for a better user interface and conversation.

Themes & Customization

In this app, users have access to different themes and customization options. With such amazing themes, they can personalize their profiles according to their unique style.

Honista Store

This app has the Honista store with emojis, interactive stickers, and different templates. With these stickers and templates, you can express your emotions and reactions in your chats effectively and interactively.

Ghost Mode

In WhatsApp, some settings don’t show the persons who have viewed your status updates. Similarly, Instagram shows a list of people who have viewed your stories. If you want to view someone’s story without being seen, here is the dark mode to help you. You can browse messages, stories, and live broadcasts of any account, and your actions stay completely private without leaving any trace behind.

Comprehensive Post Insight

This feature is for examining your posts in detail. You can observe likes, comments, and feedback on your posts from other visitors. This gives you a better understanding of how others perceive your posts.

Flexible Story Sharing

This means our story is not limited to Instagram only. With this feature, we can share our Instagram story on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. 

Download Manager

Download Manager helps us to save and download our favorite content including posts, reels, stories, and videos of other accounts in HD quality.

No Ads

Like any other special media platform, any Instagram account with a large number of viewers shows ads. To avoid these ads, Honista has a No-Ads feature. This feature saves us time, particularly when we’re viewing the stories of other accounts and unnecessary ads disrupt our enjoyment.

Dark Mode

Many social media users utilize these platforms at night while lying in bed. Staring at screens in the dark can strain our eyes. The dark mode of Honista optimizes the interface of our devices in low-light conditions and provides visual comfort and increased readability.

Content Filter

A parental concern with social media is coming across bold content. We see such content on Instagram through posts, stories, or ads. We can address this issue by activating this filter feature. Content filters exclude such inappropriate content and tailor it according to our preferences.

Backup Settings

Once we customize our profile and other data, then the next issue is to save this. No worries, Honista has the option to back up our personalized settings. We can transfer our account settings from one device to another without losing our data.

Controlled Data Consumption

Another innovative feature is controlled data consumption. This excludes the extra videos from your feed and views the content in low-resolution quality.

Profile Creation

All Instagram users understand the importance of an impressive profile. It’s like the first introduction to our clients and helps to increase our following. In Honista, there is a feature with which we can create comprehensive profiles in which we can highlight our skills, experience, and portfolio. In this way, we can show our expertise to collaborators or potential customers in a better way.

Job Listings

The Honista APK helps you to find jobs that match your skills and interests. You just apply some filters and when a new job appears on Instagram that matches your criteria, you get a notification.


Another amazing feature of this app is networking with which we can connect with other professionals in the same industry. We can collaborate on various projects to create a strong professional network.

Knowledge Sharing 

With the knowledge-sharing features of Honista, we can share useful information within a community of our interest. This helps us to work together and stay informed about the latest updates in our area of interest.

How To Download & Install Honista APK?

First of all, find and download the Honista application from the Google Play Store. After downloading, install the app by following the messages on your screen.

  • After installing, open the application.
  • Enter your Instagram account login details, or if you don’t have an account, you can create a new account.
  • After logging in, an interface will appear that is similar to the official Instagram app.
  • Now find the post or account that you want to download.
  • When you choose an image or video, you’ll notice a download icon (typically a downward arrow) or a download button. Simply tap on this icon to start the download process.
  • Next, go to “Library” or “Downloads” in the Honista APK app to manage the download of videos and images.
  • The Library shows a list of videos and images that you have already downloaded. 
  • You can access and view them offline whenever you want.

How You Can Update Your Honista APK

For an updated experience of this application, you must switch to the latest version of this app. You have to install the update manually. Here’s how you can check for the latest updates.

  • Go to the “Settings” option from the toolbar located at the top.
  • Then go to the “About Honista” section.
  • Search for the “Check for Updates” option and then select it.
  • After selecting, a prompt will appear on the screen indicating whether a new update is available or not.

Pros & Cons Of Honista APP


  • The users can enjoy their favorite Instagram content even without an internet connection. This is a feature that isn’t officially supported by Instagram. 
  • The app has a download manager which makes the downloading simple and quick.
  • It’s very convenient to download and review stories from our friends and favorite accounts without needing to log back into Instagram.


  • Although the developers are continuously updating this application, we have to install the updates manually.
  • Some users may use this app to harm the content creators by violating copyright regulations.

My Reviews About Honista APK

I recently used Honista, and here I am sharing my review. The interface is modern and clean, and the graphics are visually appealing. The color scheme supports increased readability and I have a pleasant visual experience.

The design is responsive and it adapts to my various devices and screen sizes. It takes little time to load my favorite content. Moreover, notifications keep me informed about my interactions and activities.


Yes, you can download and use this Instagram app for free.

As this is a recently launched app, the developers are frequently updating it.

No, this app works excellently without any issues with your official Instagram account.

The base version is free, but for premium features, you may have to make in-app purchases.


Honista APK is the best mode of the Instagram application with many different features. With advanced features like blocking Instagram ads, extending story time up to 48 hours instead of 24 hours, and viewing activity history, it stands out from the regular Instagram app. Moreover, with ghost mode, text font style, and viewing other profiles’ pictures, you can enter a new social world.